PHIGOLF 2 Smart Home Golf Simulator - Swing Stick Trainer - WGT Edition

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Enjoy a round of golf from home with the brand new Phigolf 2! Phigolf 2's club and improved...meer
Productinformatie "PHIGOLF 2 Smart Home Golf Simulator - Swing Stick Trainer - WGT Edition"

Enjoy a round of golf from home with the brand new Phigolf 2! Phigolf 2's club and improved sensor work with Topgolf's popular World Golf Tour (WGT) app, TruGolf's E6 Connect app and Phigolf's own golf app! Play on world-famous championship golf courses and marvel at how the avatar on the screen mirrors your swing movement in real time!

  • Compatible with WGT, Phigolf and E6 Connect apps
  • Training clubs with realistic weight
  • 3D swing diagram and live feedback
  • Speedgolf and Rush game mode
  • High-quality courses
  • Monthly tournaments
  • Online and local multiplayer mode
  • Use the sensor in your own clubs
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Full access to WGT and E6 Connect courses requires a subscription

Whether you're a beginner or a golf pro, Phigolf 2 is perfect for a social gathering, whether you're planning your next barbecue, birthday party, pizza night or looking for something to keep you entertained on your next trip! It's a great, interactive way to introduce kids, friends and family to golf.

3D data analysis system
The analysis system helps you to better understand your game. Find your own tempo with effective feedback and improve your swing. Phigolf also offers various training programmes, such as swing analysis and putting posture analysis. You can visually check the data on head speed, swing frequency, club path, clubface angle and distance. Improve your movement and increase your consistency.


Play on 3 different apps!

Phigolf 2: Several golf courses, games and modes are offered in the Phigolf app. Play alone or in multiplayer mode in 7 different modes, including Stroke Play, Close-to-the-Hole and Longest Drive.

WGT Golf: Play alone or online against friends who also own a Phigolf 2 - anywhere in the world. Play the Wolf Creek course for free in 'Stroke Play' and 'Closest-to-the-Hole'. For just $2/month, you have access to all 19 courses and 5 best-of courses offered by WGT.

E6 Connect: Includes the Aviara Golf Course. With a paid subscription, E6 Connect allows you to experience more than 40 famous golf courses, exciting games and online competitions. Play fun mini-games such as Solaro (Blackout) and Henyett (Darts). With E6 Connect you can compete against other golfers around the world in a real-time competition.

Play against friends on site or online
Take part in global online tournaments or play against friends and family via the online platform. Play different tournament modes and win prizes. In Rush mode, you can also play a game simultaneously without waiting for your turn. A maximum of 4 people can take part in the game on one device.

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